Zoning Administration

Josh Mills/Zoning Adminstrator 231.651.9117, jmills@cofrankfort.net
4538 Benzie Hwy
Benzonia, MI 49616

Arcadia Township Zoning Ordinances

Zoning Ordinances as amended through September 2016

Zoning Map

Instructions for Land Use or Parcell Division Applications:

  1. Complete Land Use or Parcel Division application in it’s entirety (or this will be returned to you).
  2. Include a detailed site plan showing the lot with dimensions, proposed construction, setbacks and any natural features on the site.
  3. See Fee Schedule and make check payable to the Township of Arcadia and mail (Priority best) detailed site plan, application and payment to Josh Mills at the address above.

Land Use Application

Parcel Division Application

Fee Schedule