Committee Members

Harbor/Marina Committee
Chairperson Tom McCraner 231.631.4613
Jim Stoops, Rob Holmes,  Monty Mayes, Skip Gingrich, Doug Carter
Planning Commission
Chairperson Brad Hopwood 231.889.4738
Kirk Urban, John Sievert, Chip May, Greg Wisner
Historical Commission
Joyce & Ed Howard 889.3389, Debbra Eckout, Lyle Matteson, Mike Cederholm
Zoning Board of Appeals
New Members coming soon!
Board of Review
Tom Jass, Ted Beiderwieden, Rob Holmes, Alt-John Shaw, Alt-Ed Matusko
Parks and Recreation Commission
Chairperson – Dan Macek, Mike Slavens, Bud Cole, John Steben, Mike Cederholm
Grant Committee
Doug Carter 231.889.4785
Cemetary Committee
Chairperson Eugene Bishoff 889.3257, Myrna Baker, Patrice C. Wisner