Louthern-Hotel-Leeds is a city that can be enjoyed at all times of the year. Its rich history and cultural heritage make it a fascinating destination to explore. Among the most worthwhile places to visit are Leeds’ outdoor attractions. These are suitable for visitors both young and old, and provide a great few days’ entertainment. Fresh air in the northern city can be enjoyed on foot, by bike or even from the deck of a boat. A really nice way to explore this part of the UK is by renting a motorhome. Motorhome Freedom have a rental depot that is handy for Leeds-Bradford Airport.

Leeds and Liverpool Canal

The Leeds and Liverpool Canal is an impressive 127 miles long, and passes through 91 locks. Some parts of it have been operational since 1773 when the canal was used for transporting local industry goods such as wool and limestone.

Nowadays, the well-maintained paths running alongside the canal are perfect for weekend strolls and cycling. Many visitors choose to have picnics on the grassy patches and watch the world go by, waving to boats going by.


If you’re into boating, hire a barge or a canal boat. Some rental companies offer on board meals and boats that can be hired as party venues.


Roundhay Park is a favourite among locals and has been voted one of Leeds’ top attractions by TripAdvisor users. It boasts a vast territory with two lakes, and forest areas to roam around in. Attractions on the spot also include a golf course, castle ruins, tennis courts and a gorge.

For those moments when you feel like taking a break from all the aimless wandering and running around in the fresh air, there is a conveniently located cafe with lovely views across the park. The outdoor space of the cafe is inspired by a design from Furniture Heaven.

York Gate Garden is a hidden treasure in the outskirts of Leeds. Originally created by the inventive Spencer family, the garden is now looked after by the charity, Perennial.

The Spencers bought the house and adjoining peace of land in the 1950s and had transformed the yard into one of the most beautiful small gardens in the world by the 1980s. It features creatively clipped evergreens, unusual plants and vistas.

Park Square originates in the Georgian era. It’s a popular lunch spot for the many people working in the surrounding Georgian residential-turned-office buildings. The inviting lawns and benches are made for picnics or relaxing moments while watching the world go by.

To make the most of a visit to the lovely northern city, stay overnight at a city hotel Leeds. You’re in for a great night’s sleep after so much time out in the fresh air.

Poas VolcanoThe Poas Volcano National Park is located in the Central Volcanic Mountain Range in the province of Alajuela easily accessible from the capital city of San Jose, Costa Rica at about 50 kilometers away or an hour and a half drive. The Summit of the volcano is at 8,900 feet above sea level and has a huge crater of 950 feet deep and 1500 feet wide and it is categorized as an active Stratovolcano, with over 39 eruptions since 1928.

The last major eruptions occurred between 1952 and 1954, erupting incandescent rocks, lava and ashes, it created major agricultural issues in the area, people leaving in towns nearby had to relocate and the ash clouds affected the capital for several months. Now the volcano has constant sulphuric gas emissions, incandescent rocks can be seen and also geysers (discharge of water and steam up in the air) that are among the highest in the world, sadly they don´t occur on a daily basis.

The National Park is one of the country´s best maintained, infrastructure to receive the tourists include a museum like building with information about the park´s trails, volcano, flora and fauna; there is also a Coffee shop, souvenirs shop, restrooms and information center. The main trail that leads to the main crater is handicapped accessible.

The park´s hiking trails are amazing for discovering great variety of mammals, birds and vegetation like the quetzal, yiguirro, rabbits, squirrels, ferns, oaks, orchids just to name a few. Make sure to take the hike to the Botos Lagoon, which once was and active crater.

If you are visiting Costa Rica for pleasure or business the area has a lot to offer, one day tours from San Jose depart daily and you have plenty of options to choose from. Tour operators combine the Poas Volcano with other attractions that are nearby, such as La Paz Waterfalls, Coffee tour, the souvenir town of Sarchi and much more.

For the adventurous traveler or someone looking for a kick of adrenaline the Poas Volcano can be combined with a Canopy tour, bungee jumping of a bridge or ask your tour operator for a guided tour to the base of the crater.

To make the most of your vacation in Costa Rica, don´t miss the Poas Volcano Tour; if you would like more information about this tour please visit Costa Rica Volcano Tours, an experienced tour operator in Costa Rica.

Walking ShoesWalking is one thing the majority individuals do daily, it is part of what we’ve got to do in our day to day lives. But several of us on top of that love walking due to what else it could give us. People have a variety of motives for turning rambling in to a leisure activity or hobby, motives such as enjoyment, keeping fit, wildlife watching, neighborhood archaeology and heritage, map reading, walking the dog, just taking in the scenery or enjoying the nearby hostelries on a pub walk. Trekking may also be a sociable activity or a solitary hobby to gain some peace from an otherwise busy existence. Rambling offers us the ability to get away from it all and inhale some refreshing clean air.

Not only that but to make it even better walking as a hobby need not be expensive, all you need is a decent strong pair of boots or shoes to protect your feet and ankles together with waterproof outdoor clothes to shield you from the rain. To help you to think about what you need My Outdoor Store has assembled a checklist of nine “dos and don’ts” for your rambling pleasure and safety.

Grand Canyon Bus Tour

Do wear a number of layers of thinner clothes rather than just a single thick one. This can let you to alter your temperature a lot more effortlessly and any way numerous layers trap heat far more proficiently than just one

Don’t not drink. Adequate liquids will be essential to replace loss through perspiration.

Do take adequate protection from the weather conditions. This means sun cream and decent waterproof outdoor gear

Don’t set out without preparing your route and make certain it’s inside your capacity

Do pace your self to ensure that you won’t become too tired too soon. Ramble at a speed that you can enjoy what’s all-around you rather than rushing to the end as speedily as it is possible to.

Don’t put on the wrong clothing. Sturdy sensible foot wear is obvious and bear in mind the higher you go the colder it will become

Do go ready with apparel for all eventualities. The local weather can change quickly and so plenty of layers are required. Waterproof rambling apparel is very important.

Don’t overlook to tell others where you are going and what time you count on to return, just in case of unexpected emergency

Do enjoy it. Have fun and experience the lovely outside that we have been blessed with.

Grand Canyon Bus TourIntending to take a look at Las Vegas this particular holiday? Your holiday merely cannot be complete without a visit to the National Park. In the event you are searching for a way that might be equally cost-effective as well as exciting, then you ought to select the Grand Canyon bus tour. There are two places where these buses go: the South Rim and the West Rim. Trips start in the morning, plus it’s a full-day journey. Nearly all bus tours have a pick up along with drop service to and from virtually all of the Las Vegas Strip hotels.

Grand Canyon South Rim bus tours will typically take you to Yaki Point, Mather Point as well as Yavapai Observation Station. The view that you’ll get pleasure from from every one of these kinds of areas can’t be defined in words. Your last halt is Grand Canyon Village. Here you can view several museums, galleries, restaurants as well as stores. This unique tour departs at 7:30 a.m. and returns to Las Vegas close to 9 p.m. so make sure to set aside a complete day for it.

The Grand Canyon

Vegas to the West Rim is roughly a 2.5-hour drive. The journey is intriguing in and of itself, while you pass Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam (photo stop included!). At Grand Canyon West, take the cost-free shuttle service to Eagle Point and Guano Point. Your deal also gets you into Hualapai Indian Village. The genuine tribal village is a beautiful place. Principal tourist attractions include dwellings, tee pees and an outdoor amphitheater.

A large number of Grand Canyon West Rim bus tourists opt to add a helicopter journey to the bottom. This allows you to go 4000 feet down to the base of the canyon where you are capable to enjoy a Champagne picnic. At the base, you can include a river-rafting journey for even more excitement. Or put in a VIP pass to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The Glass Bridge appeals to travelers from all over the world who seek to walk 70 feet past the edge of the rim!

Compared to helicopter and airplane tours, coach trips are surely the most affordable method to enjoy an excellent canyon experience. It is possible to reserve bus tours via the internet to get the best deals. I personally receive up to 25 percent off like this, even more if I’m in a band of 10 or more individuals. Bus tours can be found everyday of the year. As a result, regardless of when you plan to visit Las Vegas, you are able to always take pleasure in a bus expedition.

Grand Canyon bus excursions epitomize safety and comfort. Quite a few buses possess on-board restrooms and exceptional climate-control. As you book your coach excursion you’ll notice that prices vary. This is as a result of what’s incorporated in the deal, such as meals, fuel surcharges, hotel shuttle, meals, and Park entry fees. Consider booking in advance. If you’re able to, acquire your bus tour at least 72 hours prior to departure. Doing this assures that you get to go on the day you want. Tour verified, it’s time for you to relax and relish in the fact that you’re about to participate in a voyage that’s filled with exclusive reminiscences.


Should we pause to ponder for a moment concerning the various types of flora and fauna which surround everybody we will right away appreciate how different and exciting searching for flora and fauna could possibly be e.g. Birds, Wild Plants and Flowers, Mammals, Funghi, Butterflies, Moths and insects exist all around us and to optimise our opportunities to experience them we have to think about some easy principles.

To begin with the season is very important. Numerous our feathered friends migrate therefore a bird that is really common in the Summer time e.g. a Swallow will not be noticed at all during the wintertime months. Other wildlife e.g. butterflies live a somewhat brief part of their lifetimes as butterflies and can only be spotted through a fairly narrow period of time of a few weeks through summer time. The exact same could well be stated for some flowers and so as an example a rambler’s chances of looking at a bluebell bloom in November are fairly remote.


Usually a fantastic season for observing is Spring. Bushes as well as trees contain few greenery hence observing wildlife is easier; furthermore to be able to attract mates birds especially are more showy and make more nosie. In late spring, animals have young to feed consequently become extremely active gathering food items.Autumn, alternatively, is a harder time simply because greenery and vegetation is dense, off spring are feeding themselves and there’s sufficient natural foods out there e.g. berries to be had.

Other aspects to take into account whilst organizing a ramble are the local weather, animals and birds dislike the wind as well as rain as much as many of us do, and also the terrain you are preparing to walk in will influence what you are likely to spot. If you’re targeting one thing in particular lookup it’s favourite habitat.

Prior to setting out on your walk contemplate what gear apart from your common rambling gear you will have to have. Obvious things are binoculars, a telescope, a field lenses for close evaluation of flowers and plants and quite possibly a field guide to help you identify what you see.

Whilst actually walking the most crucial advice is to be quiet, stop, look and listen. The author is continually shocked by how a lot of walkers you come across pontificating too loudly whilst in the outdoors and as a result spoiling their chances, and that of others, of seeing or hearing a thing. Look up, look down, be quiet and most of all listen. A particular call or song is usually the very first sign of what is in the locale.

It is simplest for humans to spot creatures when they are making a sound or covered in a showy coat, not surprisingly it’s easiest for wildlife to spot human beings when they are doing the exact same. Try and put on dull clothing that blends into the surrounding country side.

Finally walking the dog and wildlife observing don’t make fantastic bed fellows, dogs are not surprisingly inquisitive and can also be extremely disruptive to wildlife, a thing which people should all work hard to avoid, especially when young are prevalent.

From time immemorial, hunting has been associated with the human race – in different forms. Since the evolution of mankind it had been a necessity for getting food and a means of sustenance. Early weapons dating back to the Stone Age and the Iron Age clearly point to its importance. Cave drawings found from that era also show that man’s life revolved around hunting. They led a nomadic existence and moved great distances to follow their prey.

When man entered modern times, he did not have to go and hunt for his food. He got his daily meat on the table, provided by somebody who reared cattle in an enclosure for this purpose. But the passion for hunting in his blood refused to die down. Now, he took it up as a sport and recreation. The great outdoors beckoned him. Elk hunting and antelope hunting became his favorite pastime. Fox hunting became the passion of the English gentry. And the same passion of the Indian maharajas nearly wiped out the tiger population in the country.


There are arguments being put by environmentalists that rampant and uncontrolled hunting will result in most animal species being put on the endangered list. However this is only partly true and not specific to all animals. Men have gone on deer hunt and elk hunt for ages but their population is as large as before. The reason is simple. These animals multiply much faster than say tigers which are already on the endangered list. By their very build, speed and nimbleness of feet, they have ensured that they continue to thrive in great numbers.

Colorado mule deer hunting is one of the best in the world. The average buck is in the range of 160-170 class. Colorado antelope hunting is famous with the size of the herds often being above hundred and pronghorns from mid to high seventies. If hunting is your passion, there is no better place to go to than Smith Rancho Colorado. Spread over 50,000 acres in Northwest Colorado, it is famous for its deer, antelope and elk population with the animals being the best in its class. The success rate is 100%. They organize elk hunting and antelope hunting trips which last for three days. Lodging and boarding, including all meals, is at the ranch only. Even then, at the last census, the population of the animals had gone up from 27000 in 1975 to 52000 in 2002.

Next time you suddenly have an urge for the great wild outdoors and big game hunting, call Smith Rancho, Colorado. Visit them at smithrancho.comfor a once in a lifetime experience.

Barcelona in SpringCheap airfares are now available to most European cities which makes a vacation accessible and easy on the pocket, if you’re searching for that perfect passionate getaway, a backpacking adventure, or just a place to chill for a week then get online and see what’s available.

Barcelona is not only a contemporary and fashionable city, it is also very liberated and this is clearly shown in its magnetism to celebrated artists and architects, where they take roots and become a part of the city in the form of its art and architecture.

Barcelona houses many great painters and sculptors and they are instrumental in contributing to its superiority over other cities in the form of architecture and art galleries.Pablo Picasso and Tapies both have museums dedicated to their works which will take weeks if not months for you to fully visit.Stretching from La Ramblas covering the old port of Barcelona and the Placa Catalunya, a whole day can be dedicated to walking around the Barri Gothic Quarter with no need to go any further as there plenty to see and do. Wander around the webs of the narrow paths sandwiched between tall buildings which lead to delightful squares, and then take a rest in one of the alfresco cafes full of bustling tapas joints in the area.

Hailed as the creator of several techniques applied in contemporary construction in the twentieth century, the important and ingenious influences of Antoni Gaudi have unquestionably molded Barcelonian architecture.Any architectural trip has to start with Antoni Gaudi, the greatest Catalan architect there ever was.

The must see Gaudi masterpiece is Park Guell, which dates back to 1900 when Eusebi Guell commissioned him to construct a garden city proposed for the cream of the society. Gaudi was very much motivated by nature and this is reflected in the curved construction stones, twisted iron effigies and animate shapes.There are some notable examples in the park including the Gaudi dragon fountain at the entrance adorned in vividly coloured tiling, and Casa Museu Gaudi, the dwelling where Gaudi spent most of his time in. The top of the park can be accessed by a steep climb but it is worth it as you will get an amazing view of the park and the city.There are all types of public spaces to enjoy in the city such as the beaches and parks.Its open spaces can be enjoyed simultaneously by the young or old, from the promenades to the well known Guell Park, and the other would be Park de la Ciudadella, a park in Ciutat Vella famous for its galleries and boating lake.

Make sure you take the Tramvia Blau up Tibidabo Mountain for the amazing views and fun cycling tours where you can discover the natural environment.If you have time left the Funicular de Tibidabo, which will take you all the way to the amusement park at the top, with most of the rides built around 1889, giving the park a traditional ambiance.In addition to architecture, Barcelona is also embraced for its art of living it up at night, where there is a variety of bars and pubs covering virtually every theme for all flavours and budgets. Barri Gothic and Las Ramblas, both in the city centre, have a wonderful Gothic atmosphere thus exceptionally favoured by foreigners as well as locals. The area is full of cool clubs and bars, and also a wide selection of chic spots together with the usual tourist places.Barcelona also has a great Erasmus scene where you can make new friends quickly and party in selected venues. There is a predominantly distinct electro scene, which is reflected by the number of clubs that thump away all week. There are not a lot of live music venues in the city, however blues and hip hop and alternative are also represented, plus Latin clubs with their salsa are also popular.

Keep in mind that during bank holidays, Christmas, New Year and summer holidays are the peak seasons and will be more expensive than if you choose a weekend break at another time of the year. Yet there are still those who are able to dig out cheap deals, although you will be told that the secret is to reserve well in advance.Good deals are there whichever you choose. Vacation apartments in Barcelona come in all shapes and sizes; sometimes they can be an all in studio room, while some may come with fully equipped kitchens plus recreational facilities.By default rental apartments offer clean linens, fridge, oven, kettle, cooking utensils, cable television and WIFI internet access. Barcelona provides a wide variety of different accommodation types and you should do some homework beforehand to find out what is there.

Phu Quoc IslandsPhu Quoc Island is situated in the Gulf of Thailand. Located off the southern coast of Vietnam and Cambodia, it is the largest island in Vietnam.

The 48 km long and 28 km wide island is closer to the Cambodian mainland than Vietnam. Phu Quoc Island forms a triangular shape and to the west of it is the Long Beach, the longest beach of the island.


Most of the accommodations in the island are along this beach. There are other varied accommodations available throughout the island ranging from cheap bungalows to beach resorts. Duong Dong is the largest town in Phu Quoc Island situated to the north of the Long Beach.

Even a few years back Phu Quoc was known for its fish sauce. Today it is known as one of the major Vietnam popular destinations.

During the colonial rule of the French and the war with America Phu Quoc Island was used as a prison. Ruins of the prison are visible even today. After Vietnam gained independence in 1975 this island was used as a re-education camp.

Nearly half the island lets you view the unspoilt beauty of nature. Phu Quoc Island is covered with forests and the beaches are deserted creating an enchanting environment in the island. It provides a spectacular view with the perfect fusion of its blue waters, sandy beaches, and beautiful landscapes. In a visit to the island do not forget to view the magical sunset from the beach. The famous beaches in the island, other than the Long Beach, are Bai Dan and Bai Sao. Away from the beaches are the pepper fields, the rain forest, and the Suoi Da Ban river with its waterfalls.

How to get there?

Phu Quoc Island, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam, can be reached by both air and boat. It is less than an hour’s journey by plane from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Duong Dong.

Vietnam Airlines make nearly four trips to the island everyday. Flights are available from Mekong Delta, Vietnam as well.

A ferry ride can be taken from the Rach Gia to the island. It takes around two and a half hours though it is better to avoid the ferry in rainy seasons.

South Rim Smooth Water Float Tours

Searching for the Grand Canyon smooth-water rafting excursion that has it all? Here’s one that features a smooth-water float trip, a backcountry Jeep ride, as well as an plane flight that will soar over in thirty minutes what might take days to experience by walking.

This seasonal trip (runs from April thru November) begins with a plane flight out of the South Rim’s Grand Canyon National Park Airport. The plane heads east where you’ll see The Navajo Indian Reservation, Painted Desert, as well as the very stretch of Colorado River on which you’ll be touring.

You are going to deplane at Page, AZ, and transfer to a 4×4 Jeep for a back country trip to well-known Antelope Canyon, home to slot canyons. These narrow pathways, a few of which hardly allow a bunch walk single-file between them, are made of beautifully weathered Navajo sandstone and therefore are a photographer’s paradise.

The Jeep then takes you to awe-inspiring Glen Canyon Dam, a 700-foot behemoth that proudly tames the mighty Colorado River. You’ll burrow through a two-mile access tunnel until you get to the banks of the river where you’ll board your professional-grade, motorized river raft.

The float ride travels to Horseshoe Bend, a wonderful “U” in the river that beautifully contrasts the river’s turquoise waters against the iridescent orange sandstone cliffs. Further downstream, you’ll get out on a sandy seaside and go on a rapid walk to view a set of historical petroglyphs.

You’ll carry on and pontoon down the Colorado before you reach the historical town of Lee’s Ferry, established by John D. Lee, who was hired by the Mormon Church to run the ferry service so church members could make their way south. Building of Navajo Bridge in 1928 closed down the ferry. Nowadays, the town, which includes an old fort as well as trading post, is the kick off point for multi-day white-water expeditions.

Lee’s Ferry is additionally the place you’ll transfer to a climate-controlled luxury coach and make your way back to Grand Canyon National Park. On the way, you’ll see from ground level whatever you covered previously by air. Additionally there is a halt at Cameron Trading Post, which sells real Navajo Indian crafts.

During summer, bring plenty of sunscreen and dress in loose-fitting clothes. I also recommend a hat along with a brim. Swimming is encouraged, so either wear your trunks at the get-go or put on your suit beneath your garments. Avoid dehydration by drinking lots of water, which is going to be supplied as part of the excursion.

Excellent guides make this trip amazing. The aircraft section has a recorded narration translated in 10 languages. Your river guide is familiar with the Colorado like the back of his hand and is pleased to talk about the area’s geology and natural background. Bus motorists are well qualified on the wonderful scenery and points of interest you’ll be passing through on your way back to the South Rim.

I find this float visit with airplane journey and bus journey to be one of the best trip deals provided at the South Rim. Additionally it is priced right. But savvy travelers can get a much better bargain if they buy it on the Internet. Amazingly, I’ve observed it discounted by nearly 35%.

This 1-day smooth-water float tour is an excellent method to enjoy the Grand Canyon. Making it a much more wonderful bundle would be the aircraft, jeep, and bus segments. Kids aged 4 years and up are able to do it. And there aren’t any rigorous fitness needs. All that you should bring will be your feeling of adventure. Then prepare yourself for the best canyon encounter of your lifetime.