Walking ShoesWalking is one thing the majority individuals do daily, it is part of what we’ve got to do in our day to day lives. But several of us on top of that love walking due to what else it could give us. People have a variety of motives for turning rambling in to a leisure activity or hobby, motives such as enjoyment, keeping fit, wildlife watching, neighborhood archaeology and heritage, map reading, walking the dog, just taking in the scenery or enjoying the nearby hostelries on a pub walk. Trekking may also be a sociable activity or a solitary hobby to gain some peace from an otherwise busy existence. Rambling offers us the ability to get away from it all and inhale some refreshing clean air.

Not only that but to make it even better walking as a hobby need not be expensive, all you need is a decent strong pair of boots or shoes to protect your feet and ankles together with waterproof outdoor clothes to shield you from the rain. To help you to think about what you need My Outdoor Store has assembled a checklist of nine “dos and don’ts” for your rambling pleasure and safety.

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Do wear a number of layers of thinner clothes rather than just a single thick one. This can let you to alter your temperature a lot more effortlessly and any way numerous layers trap heat far more proficiently than just one

Don’t not drink. Adequate liquids will be essential to replace loss through perspiration.

Do take adequate protection from the weather conditions. This means sun cream and decent waterproof outdoor gear

Don’t set out without preparing your route and make certain it’s inside your capacity

Do pace your self to ensure that you won’t become too tired too soon. Ramble at a speed that you can enjoy what’s all-around you rather than rushing to the end as speedily as it is possible to.

Don’t put on the wrong clothing. Sturdy sensible foot wear is obvious and bear in mind the higher you go the colder it will become

Do go ready with apparel for all eventualities. The local weather can change quickly and so plenty of layers are required. Waterproof rambling apparel is very important.

Don’t overlook to tell others where you are going and what time you count on to return, just in case of unexpected emergency

Do enjoy it. Have fun and experience the lovely outside that we have been blessed with.


Should we pause to ponder for a moment concerning the various types of flora and fauna which surround everybody we will right away appreciate how different and exciting searching for flora and fauna could possibly be e.g. Birds, Wild Plants and Flowers, Mammals, Funghi, Butterflies, Moths and insects exist all around us and to optimise our opportunities to experience them we have to think about some easy principles.

To begin with the season is very important. Numerous our feathered friends migrate therefore a bird that is really common in the Summer time e.g. a Swallow will not be noticed at all during the wintertime months. Other wildlife e.g. butterflies live a somewhat brief part of their lifetimes as butterflies and can only be spotted through a fairly narrow period of time of a few weeks through summer time. The exact same could well be stated for some flowers and so as an example a rambler’s chances of looking at a bluebell bloom in November are fairly remote.


Usually a fantastic season for observing is Spring. Bushes as well as trees contain few greenery hence observing wildlife is easier; furthermore to be able to attract mates birds especially are more showy and make more nosie. In late spring, animals have young to feed consequently become extremely active gathering food items.Autumn, alternatively, is a harder time simply because greenery and vegetation is dense, off spring are feeding themselves and there’s sufficient natural foods out there e.g. berries to be had.

Other aspects to take into account whilst organizing a ramble are the local weather, animals and birds dislike the wind as well as rain as much as many of us do, and also the terrain you are preparing to walk in will influence what you are likely to spot. If you’re targeting one thing in particular lookup it’s favourite habitat.

Prior to setting out on your walk contemplate what gear apart from your common rambling gear you will have to have. Obvious things are binoculars, a telescope, a field lenses for close evaluation of flowers and plants and quite possibly a field guide to help you identify what you see.

Whilst actually walking the most crucial advice is to be quiet, stop, look and listen. The author is continually shocked by how a lot of walkers you come across pontificating too loudly whilst in the outdoors and as a result spoiling their chances, and that of others, of seeing or hearing a thing. Look up, look down, be quiet and most of all listen. A particular call or song is usually the very first sign of what is in the locale.

It is simplest for humans to spot creatures when they are making a sound or covered in a showy coat, not surprisingly it’s easiest for wildlife to spot human beings when they are doing the exact same. Try and put on dull clothing that blends into the surrounding country side.

Finally walking the dog and wildlife observing don’t make fantastic bed fellows, dogs are not surprisingly inquisitive and can also be extremely disruptive to wildlife, a thing which people should all work hard to avoid, especially when young are prevalent.

From time immemorial, hunting has been associated with the human race – in different forms. Since the evolution of mankind it had been a necessity for getting food and a means of sustenance. Early weapons dating back to the Stone Age and the Iron Age clearly point to its importance. Cave drawings found from that era also show that man’s life revolved around hunting. They led a nomadic existence and moved great distances to follow their prey.

When man entered modern times, he did not have to go and hunt for his food. He got his daily meat on the table, provided by somebody who reared cattle in an enclosure for this purpose. But the passion for hunting in his blood refused to die down. Now, he took it up as a sport and recreation. The great outdoors beckoned him. Elk hunting and antelope hunting became his favorite pastime. Fox hunting became the passion of the English gentry. And the same passion of the Indian maharajas nearly wiped out the tiger population in the country.


There are arguments being put by environmentalists that rampant and uncontrolled hunting will result in most animal species being put on the endangered list. However this is only partly true and not specific to all animals. Men have gone on deer hunt and elk hunt for ages but their population is as large as before. The reason is simple. These animals multiply much faster than say tigers which are already on the endangered list. By their very build, speed and nimbleness of feet, they have ensured that they continue to thrive in great numbers.

Colorado mule deer hunting is one of the best in the world. The average buck is in the range of 160-170 class. Colorado antelope hunting is famous with the size of the herds often being above hundred and pronghorns from mid to high seventies. If hunting is your passion, there is no better place to go to than Smith Rancho Colorado. Spread over 50,000 acres in Northwest Colorado, it is famous for its deer, antelope and elk population with the animals being the best in its class. The success rate is 100%. They organize elk hunting and antelope hunting trips which last for three days. Lodging and boarding, including all meals, is at the ranch only. Even then, at the last census, the population of the animals had gone up from 27000 in 1975 to 52000 in 2002.

Next time you suddenly have an urge for the great wild outdoors and big game hunting, call Smith Rancho, Colorado. Visit them at smithrancho.comfor a once in a lifetime experience.